Rep Teams

Congratulations to our 2023-24 rep teams on a great season! We're looking forward to 2024-2025.

If you're thinking of trying out for one of our rep teams for 2024-25, please complete the online Intent to Try Out form

We'll follow up with you via email in August once dates and locations have been finalized.

The KWGBA fields rep teams in as many age categories as possible.

Please note the table below for KWGBA programming based on birth year. For rep teams, these are the typical teams based on the Ontario Basketball Association's age categories, however team make-up may include younger players where appropriate:

 Birth Year  Program(s)
 2019  Jr. NBA
 2018  Jr. NBA
 2017  Junior Phoenix or Jr. NBA
 2016  U10 rep, Junior Phoenix or Jr. NBA
 2015  U10 rep, Junior Phoenix or Jr. NBA
 2014  U11 rep, Junior Phoenix or Jr. NBA
 2013  U12 Rep
 2012  U13 Rep
 2011  U14 Rep
 2010  U15 Rep
 2009  U16 Rep
 2008  U17 Rep
 2006-2007  U19 Rep


Listed below are the KWGBA Phoenix teams and coaches that played in the 2023-24 season.

  Team   Coach
  U10 Navy (2014-2015)   Jeff Dunning
  U10 White (2014-2015)   Kate Poulin
  U11 (2013)   Ben Boucher
  U12 Navy (2012)   Tom Kieswetter, Amanda Finch
  U12 White (2012)   Jenny Bhavnani
  U13 (2011)   Tierney Boucher, Mariko Yoshy
  U14 (2010)   Andrew Grant
  U16 (2008-2009)   Steve Arthur, Don Wales
  U17 (2007)   Renee McKenzie, Meghan Tracy
  U19 (2005-2006)   Chris Dissanayake, Ian McLean

If you'd like to contact one of our Rep teams to arrange a game or scrimmage, please use our online form

Notes for the 2023-24 season:

  • The rep fee was $900
  • KWGBA strives to have a team at each age group, however we may combine ages (if needed, should interest not support fielding full teams at each level)
  • Financial assistance may be available through KidSport Kitchener-Waterloo and/or JumpStart.