Rep Teams

The 2023-24 season is in full swing!

Check back in August for information about the 2024-25 season, including tryout registration, dates and locations!

Listed below are the KWGBA Phoenix teams and coaches for the 2023-24 season.

  Team   Coach
  U10 Navy (2014-2015)   Jeff Dunning
  U10 White (2014-2015)   Kate Poulin
  U11 (2013)   Ben Boucher
  U12 Navy (2012)   Tom Kieswetter, Amanda Finch
  U12 White (2012)   Jenny Bhavnani
  U13 (2011)   Tierney Boucher, Mariko Yoshy
  U14 (2010)   Andrew Grant
  U16 (2008-2009)   Steve Arthur, Don Wales
  U17 (2007)   Renee McKenzie, Meghan Tracy
  U19 (2005-2006)   Chris Dissanayake, Ian McLean


If you'd like to contact one of our Rep teams to arrange a game or scrimmage, please use our online form

Notes for the 2023-24 season:

  • The rep fee will be $900
  • KWGBA strives to have a team at each age group, however we may combine ages (if needed, should interest not support fielding full teams at each level)
  • Financial assistance may be available through KidSport Kitchener-Waterloo and/or JumpStart.